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Vehicle Transportation Tracking Solution


Fleet Usage Reporting

Smart Bee GPS Vehicle Tracker empowers you to easily verify and exactly locate your vehicles in real time, anytime! Our smart tracking solutions allow you to know the exact location of your vehicles and their time of use. You can solve complaints related to your services, as in case, when one of your vehicles has broken its speed limit, where, and when. And if your policy prevents use of vehicles during weekends, supervise it with Smart Bee GPS Vehicle Tracker to confirm whether this practice is being pursued.

Business Value

Boost daily operations of your fleet and cut idle time significantly! Now, you can respond to customer queries related to undelivered services and also introduce required improvements. Customers using Smart Bee GPS VehicleTracker services have analyzed historical data of their vehicles and testify that they have reduced fuel consumption and gained enhanced customer satisfaction as a result of superior follow-up capability.

How our Technology Solutions work for you?

Smart Bee GPS Vehicle Tracker stores data of usage history for vehicles so you can view status and position of every vehicle in your fleet at any given point of time. Effectively check routes your vehicles have driven through along with speeds at which they have been driven. Generate vehicle usage reports as and when required, and extract details for any particular vehicle. Our system perfectly registers amount of time spent by every vehicle at all addresses visited.

Dispatch & Tracking Business Solutions

A single, robust, multitasking Smart Technologies Server platform contains diverse solutions utilized by Transportation Companies for Vehicle Tracking. A purposefully combination of these solutions can answer all your business specific requirements.

With Smart Bee GPS Server you can keep an eye on movement of your entire fleet via powerful Real Time Tracking. This empowers you to effectively plan deployment, handling and maintenance strategies of your vehicles and also significantly cut operating costs of your company. Trip and Idle Eco Driving and Fuel Reports feature sets you up to optimize your fleet resources and promote healthy driving behavior. This perks up your customer fulfillment strategy and you save time and money. Plus you can introduce enhanced security on your vehicles, for drivers using instance-specific automatic alarms that can display on screen and be sent via SMS and/or email.

Fleet Management Solutions

High priority pickups require assigning a vehicle that’s available nearby, and fit for the job. Smart Bee tools enable performance of such tasks with ease and efficiency.


View your flight in Real Time – Directly respond to customer calls concerning location of transport. Easily search by name, group, or view area specific availability of vehicles on the map.

Points of Interest – Easily upload your POI selection to the Smart Bee GPS Server. You can also generate reports based on the time a vehicle spends in a POI location.

Vehicle Tags – Group your vehicles into job specific categories so you can find type of vehicle best fit for the job better, quickly, and with lesser effort. Distances to the pickup can be viewed on the display on all vehicles.

Faster Delivery Dispatch

Shipments are often expected by end customers to arrive on time as late arrivals of goods have penalties connected with them. Generate historical information about shipments, required by customers and ease administration of dispatching jobs with our tools. We have the perfect solutions to solve such issues.


Job Dispatch via Garmin Devices – Administrators can transmit tasks directly to Garmin navigation devices, and using the Chat module, communicate with driver of non-moving vehicle.

Mobile Dispatch – Facilitates coordination between dispatcher and driver via mobile interface. The driver can view tasks assigned to him on his Smartphone or Tablet’s browser and accordingly update his status on the server.

Better Fuel Efficiency and Driver Behavior

Reduced fuel costs take the load off your bottom line. Optimizing the functioning of your fleet and drivers go a long way in achieving this. Our tools work to increase efficiency of your fleet, and help you manage issues such as harsh driving, excessive speed, and driver accumulated hours, which will dramatically cut vehicle fuel consumption and enhance staff safety and satisfaction.


Over Speeding Alert – Open Street Map (OSM) helps you receive speed limit alerts conforming to real speed limits.

Trip and Idle Reports – Help you analyze idle time which minimizes unneeded stops.

Retrieve Driver Working Hours – Utilizing our RFID or iButton Device a driver can log into our application platform. This enables you to start a counter that relays information related to his driving hours. From this you can effectively observe whether the driver is complying with company policies associated to ceiling put on maximum hours allowed per day.

Generate Reports for ECO Driving – Obtain driver rating as per feedback on over-acceleration, speed and breaking.

Generate Reports on Fuel Consumption – A Fuel Sensor set up in the vehicle generates reports that display the total distance, speed averages, date, periods for which the vehicle has driven, fuel usage and efficiency.

Security Enhancements for Your Vehicles and Drivers

Vehicle hijacks and merchandise thefts are serious issues that transport companies have to deal with. These can have significant impact on the profit margins. Our tools empower you to enhance vehicle security and safety conditions for drivers as you can supervise all events and proceedings for a designated route or area.


Real Time Tracking & Positioning – Track your vehicles and assets on a map in real time. Take total control with live information on current vehicle location and status.

Trigger SOS Alarms – From the device, the driver can generate SOS alarms in real time, that are clearly displayed on the user interface.

Geofences – This feature lets you mark predefined perimeters for any area on the map as per your requirement. There is full support for polygonal and circle areas, you can also tag and organize them into categories. In addition, you have option to decide whether Geofences stays visible on the map and utilize colors to differentiate between each area.

Route Geofences – To prevent a vehicle from leaving its designated route, you can utilize the Route Geofences feature in the system.

Notifications via Email/SMS – Configure each of the mentioned features to display in a web interface optionally it can be sent via SMS or Email to individual users or to user groups.

Display Country-Specific Driven Distance – For instances where your fleet travels across borders in different countries, and at the same time, apply related TAX as per your company policy, you can utilize reports to keep count of total distance driven in each country.

Extend your Fleet Lifetime

Know when a vehicle has to go under maintenance. Maintain optimal condition of your fleet and keep vehicles ready for tasks on demand.


Vehicle Maintenance – Receive timely information related to when a vehicle in your fleet needs maintenance service. This way, you are in better control of service intervals and you effectively extend the lifetime of your fleet.