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Vehicles GPS Tracking in Real Time


Smart Bee GPS Server helps car rental companies to boost service levels and lessen risk factors along with operational cost of the fleet. Real Time Tracking, Vehicle Tagging and Automatic Alarms are powerful Embedded Technologies that can significantly reduce risk factors such as speeding or vehicle theft. Track health of your fleet by utilizing Vehicle Maintenance tool to keep your vehicles in top condition so they are readily available on demand.

Quickly Locate Vehicle Breakdown Occurrence

You have given a car on rent to one of your customer and the car suffers a breakdown. The customer can have problems in describing its exact position. It often becomes hard for car rental companies like yours to track exact location of the vehicle and to work out which service depot or car service is most appropriate for serving the customer. Smart Bee makes such task easy and effortless.


Fleet View in Real Time – Locate your vehicle directly from the fleet manager interface. Additionally, searching your vehicle by name, group or viewing vehicles available in a specific area on the map is also possible.

Trigger SOS Alerts – With just a single push of a button from the car, the driver can generate an SOS alert. Immediately, an event is generated in real time and transmitted to the server.

Points Of Interest – To get precise information on vehicles that are closer to a specific rental office location, just upload your own POIs to Smart Bee GPS Server and view reports about vehicles that had visited them.

Vehicle Tagging – Quickly search the type of vehicle that can perform the job better, by grouping vehicles into categories. You can also view the distance to the pick up for all vehicles.

Missing Vehicle – Quick Recovery

In case of theft of a rental car, it creates many issues for car rental companies and also puts them under finance pressure. Now you can easily track your vehicles in real time with these tools and also configure automatic alarms in case the predefined limits are exceeded.


Tracking and Positioning in Real Time – Efficiently track your vehicles and assets in real time on a map. You keep in total control with up-to-date vehicle locations and status information.

Set Alarms in GeoFences – Based on GeoFences events, the system generates alerts when a vehicle crosses a predefined area.

Notifications via SMS/Email – Each of the mentioned features can be preconfigured and be viewed in a web interface or be dispatched by SMS or Email to a user or a group of users.

Extend your Fleet Lifetime

To maintain optimal condition of your fleet and keep vehicles task-ready at any moment, it is vital to have information about when a vehicle is in need of maintenance.


Vehicle Maintenance – Efficiently track when its time a vehicle in the fleet requires maintenance and service. This functionality allows you to extend the lifetime of your rental cars.

Assess Client Driving Behavior

Track customer usage of your rental vehicles for factors such as excessive speed or harsh riving will lead to significant reduction of fuel usage and add to lifetime of your vehicle.

Smart Bee GPS Server functionality allows car rental companies to offer discount to customers who follow your company’s speeding policy, or have attained a good driving rating based on their car’s usage. On return of your rental car you can generate a speeding report and based on that, offer compensation to your customer for good behavior. It’s a winning solution for both you and your customer.


Set Speeding Alerts – You can have speed limits alerts based on real speed limits from OSM.

Generate Reports for ECO Driving – Get a driver rating based on harsh acceleration, breaking and speed.