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Taxi & Limousine Tracking and Dispatch Solutions


Use Real Time Tracking to monitor your taxi fleet with Smart Bee GPS Server and take better control to optimize passenger waiting time and unoccupied vehicles. Our solutions help taxi companies to boost customer satisfaction, save on money and time. Furthermore, this helps you enhance security of your fleet and drivers by making use of configurable automatic alarms easily viewable on screen or be dispatched through SMS/Email.

Taxi Fleet Management

Accurately locate customer on call and dispatch closest available vehicle. Driving without customers proves costly for taxi companies, the same goes for idle time between customers. In absence of a tracking system quickly locating a calling customer and dispensing a suitable taxi becomes a difficult ordeal.


Points Of Interest – Allows Points of interest (POI) to be added to a map. This allows easier location of customers without an exact address (e.g. ” Standing at New Metro Rail main gate”).

Fleet View in Real Time – Answer customer calls quickly regarding the location of your taxi. Smart Bee GPS Server searches calling customer address quickly and dispatch nearest available taxi from a map.

Tag Your Vehicles – Smart Bee GPS Server allows taxi companies to add features of the vehicles to its database. This allows easy search of any type of special vehicle as and when needed (e.g. a taxi with 5 seats), from a map.

Faster Vehicle Dispatches

You customers look towards your company as a professional taxi service. Nowadays, passengers want to even view location of the vehicle on its way. Using our Smart Bee tool, efficiently organize your fleet and cut mobile phone expenditure by improving administrator-driver communications.


Dispatch Tasks via Mobile – Lets you organize your customer pickups through a web browser used in smart phones or tablets. Using a web interface, you can publish real time positions of vehicles dispatched. If taxis are available at your stand, your customers can easily view them.

Job Dispatch via Garmin Devices – Tasks of administrators is made easy as they can dispatch jobs via the Garmin navigation devices directly and also communicate with drivers of non moving vehicles using the Chat module.

Dispatch Jobs via GPS Server Interface – Manage and optimize your utility jobs professionally with powerful features of our Smart Bee GPS Server interface. Maintain all your job statuses perfectly, keep them well organized and accurately updated.

Boost Taxi Fleet Functionality

Taxi companies always focus on ways to reduce fuel costs. Optimal use of fleet and drivers are equally important. Possessing the perfect tools that help you control your fleet by managing harsh driving, over speeding, and drivers accumulated hours will not only reduce fuel consumption but also enhance safety and satisfaction for your staff.


Reports on Trip and Idle – Using our Trip and Idle report feature you can easily track Idle time and total trips of a vehicle per day or through range of dates.

Generate Reports for Driver Working Hours – Making use of an RFID or Ibutton device a driver can log into the platform. After the login, you can initiate a counter to track the total working hours for this employee. You can monitor whether the driver abides by the established policies for maximum amount of hours permitted per day.

Generate Reports on ECO Driving – Review driver rating derived from speed, harsh acceleration or breaking behavior.

Taxi Driver Risk Minimization

Theft or other risky situations can occur without notice and this can put taxi drivers at risk. Drivers can face emergency and it can become hard for a driver to call on the phone or get quick assistance.


Receive Speeding Alerts – Pre-configure or set maximum speed limits defined by your company policy and you can setup notification alerts when this limit is neglected.

Send SOS Alarm – Receive SOS alerts directly from your driver via the Smart Bee GPS Server. As an incident takes place, instantaneously the position of the incident can be reported to the police or a security company via a mobile phone interface.

Tracking and Positioning in Real Time – Track your taxi fleet in real time on a map. Keep in control by receiving up-to-date vehicle positions and status data round the clock.

Notifications via SMS/Email – Screen Alerts can be setup to be dispatched automatically via SMS or Email to an individual user or to user groups.

Lengthen Your Taxi Lifetime

With prior information about when each of your taxi needs maintenance, so that your fleet maintains its optimal condition, and that vehicles are on hand as per demand.


Vehicle Maintenance – Know when service is to be performed on each taxi in your fleet. This way you can lifetime of your fleet gets extended as you are in better control of service intervals.