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Shipping Industry – Container Tracking Solutions


We have powerful solutions for container and reefer shipping industry, Cross-border transporter, 3PL (Third Party Logistics) as well as High-value cargo handling.
We help you remotely keep track and monitor your containers, both on shore and off shore.
With us you can match compliance to international government standards and also lessen your yearly losses and shipments related insurance premiums.

If you are:

  • Into high-risk destination shipping
  • Facing increasing levels of container theft
  • You are looking for solutions that give you notifications about when your container reaches its final destination or intermodal borders
  • Tormented by late deliveries and want information on reasons for container idling
  • Looking to secure container goods and want timely notifications about breach attempts as, when, and where they occurred

Smart Bee GPS solutions assist shipping companies, exporters, and international freight forwarders, with remote monitoring and tracking of containers while they are in transit. Smart Bee GPS is a powerful global coverage solution that determines geographical location of containers utilizing Satellite Communication, GPS, and sophisticated online web-based monitoring systems. Our solutions assist in avoiding container theft or loss. Our solutions are highly customizable so as to match explicit requirements, for example, remotely monitoring temperature for reefers, and activating panic alert mode when a container enters or exits predetermined restricted zones and door activity reporting.

  • Global Coverage Satellite-Communication
  • Precision GPS Coordinates
  • Geographical Tracking – Live!
  • Configurable Geofencing to Set Safe & Restricted Zones
  • Activity Logs / Status Monitoring (In-Transit, Idling, Motion Detection and Alert)
  • Monitoring & Alert for Door Activities
  • Remote Temperature Monitoring for Reefers
  • Weather Proof Hardware that remains fully functional in the Harsh Weather
  • Programmed Reports & Instant Alerts
  • Panic Mode Alert as per User-Defined Events