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Competitively Priced Police Tracking Solution


Offering reliable performance and easy deployment our services are widely used by Police Organizations as their real time tracking and dispatching platform. With a self owned tracking solution secured in house, the Police departments use our super efficient, within budget solutions to meet all their task specific requirements.

Send Out the Most Suitable Vehicle

Police customers want to have a real time view of their vehicle fleet and quickly assign the most suitable one to an incident. You can separate your vehicles into categories (ex: Heavy vehicles) and see their designated Points of Interest. Using this tool will make the task much easier to the police department.


Tracking and Positioning in Real Time – Track location of any of your assets or vehicles of your fleet in real time on a map. With information on the most current location and status of your vehicles, you remain in total control.

Tag Vehicles – Efficiently group your vehicles into categories to effortlessly find the type which is best fit for the job. A display lets you view distance to the pickup for all vehicles.

Points Of Interest – Prepare POI’s of your own and upload it to Smart Bee GPS Server. You can also modify or add to the list, and get quick reports about which vehicles had visited them.

Dispatch your police assignments faster to your units

Enhance your service levels for all customers by delivering fast response services. By utilizing our services and tools you can accomplish these jobs effectively and with lesser effort.


Job Dispatch thru GPS Server – This tool lets you manage all your police assignment jobs efficiently through the Smart Bee GPS Server interface.

Mobile Dispatch – Smart Bee S Mobile Dispatch tool empowers you to handle each and every of your police assignment jobs with precision. Facilitate perfect synchronization between dispatcher and the police car driver by making use of a mobile interface. Assignments can be dispatched directly to the driver which he can view in his smart phone or tablet’s browser and enter current status back to the Smart Bee Server.

GPS Information Sharing Between Laptops

Vehicles used by Police often have laptops in them. GPS data is often needed to be used in multiple applications simultaneously. Customers want to optimize their investments in laptops, network connectivity and GPS devices and also make best use things already installed in their vehicles.


Smart Bee Client – The Smart Bee Standard client for Windows intelligently splits up GPS position to all applications running simultaneously on vehicle mounted laptops. Additionally, for real time GPS tracking, the client can also publish the real time position data to Smart Bee GPS Server.

Boost Your Fleet Lifetime

It is vital to keep up to date with information about when a vehicle in your fleet needs maintenance to keep it in top condition so that vehicles are available at demand.


Vehicle Maintenance – Update yourself with the time service and maintenance needs to be performed for each vehicle in your fleet. Consequently, your fleet’s lifetime gets an extension as a result of superior control of service intervals.

Cost Effective In-House Tracking System

Security is naturally given the highest priority when it comes to data maintained by the Police department. It requires in-house servers that run on secure networks. Such requirements need a solution that is easy to deploy. Moreover, budget constraints make the Police department look for tracking solutions that fit their budget. For this, basic installation procedure should be simple and the overall cost of administering the solution must be low.


Simple & Trouble Free Installation – Installation of Smart Bee GPS Server is well documented and setting it up in-house is fairly simple. As required, Smart Bee GPS Server allows firewalls to be setup to run on private networks.

Get High Performance on Low Investment – Get high performance while spending minimal resources for installing Smart Bee GPS Server. It’s straightforward, and system running costs are surprisingly low.