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Solutions for Dispatch and Tracking – Utility Companies


Service companies and Utility organizations are reaping huge benefits by using powerful features of the Smart Bee GPS server by way of dispatching their vehicles optimally and by utilizing modules for Real Time Tracking and Job Dispatch.

Positive reports from customers point towards cost savings and increased service levels. This has become a possibility as it’s easy to select vehicle for service and repair assignments at the right time. You can now maintain a good equilibrium between fleet efficiency and usage by controlling your vehicle’s idle time and have complete driver behavior information.

Instantly Trace Items that Need Service

Utility company service organizations have multitude locations where they have to their provide services. On receiving report of a problem, it often becomes tough to find the perfect location of a broken item. And service organizations also often need to combine multiple service assignments so that the distance traveled can be optimized.


Fleet View in Real Time – The fleet manager interface lets you directly locate a vehicle. To make this task easy, you can effortlessly start searching by group, name or view the available vehicles within a specific area on the map.

Tag Vehicles – Label your vehicles into separate categories and promptly find the vehicle type that accomplishes the on-hand job perfectly. You can also view distance to the pickup for all vehicles on a display panel.

Points Of Interest – As and when required, you can readily upload POI of your specification to Smart Bee GPS Server. You can also easily modify or add them at any time, and produce reports for vehicles that visited them.

Quick Dispatch of Utility Jobs

When you provide better service levels Customers will recognize your service as one that responds quickly to meet their requirements. Using our tool you can dispatch this job more swiftly and effectively.


Job Dispatch for Garmin Devices – Garmin navigation devices can directly receive job dispatches from the administrator. The device allows you to communicate with a driver of a non-moving vehicle, by using the Chat module.

Mobile Dispatch – A mobile interface permits synchronization between dispatcher and the driver. Using a smart phone or tablet’s browser the driver can view all his assignments and update the job status on the server.

Job Dispatch – Designate and manage your utility jobs easily by using services of the Smart Bee Server interface. Additionally, you will always be able to keep status of all your jobs organized and updated.

Stimulate Fleet Usage and Efficiency

Smart Bee GPS Server is empowered with the latest technology to send you important information about fleet usage, with daily or weekly reports through emails. By supervising overall idle time or overall distance travelled, it’s possible to significantly boost the performance of your fleet. Empowered with the right tools to control your fleet, over aspects such as rash driving and drivers accumulated hours will lead to impressive reduction in fuel consumption and bring about staff satisfaction and safety improvements.


Reports on Trip and Idle – Do away with non-essential stops by tracking idle time with the Trip and Idle report.

Generate Reports on ECO Driving – Derive useful driver ratings consistent with harsh acceleration, breaking and speed.

Create Reports on Fuel Consumption – Making use of a fuel sensor installation in the vehicle the report will show the date, maximum and average speed, total distance, duration for which a vehicle was driven, fuel usage and efficiency.

Boost your Fleet Lifetime

Get up to date report about when its time to perform maintenance for each vehicle so your fleet remains in optimal condition and vehicles are available and on the ready for any assignment.


Vehicle Maintenance – Track when a vehicle in the fleet is in need of maintenance and service. As you are in full control of service intervals, you effectively extend the lifetime of the fleet.