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BUS Management System for Schools & Industries


Powerful Smart Bee Solutions for School Transportation Industry & Schools owning Fleet of Buses
  • We offer superb solutions to industrial/corporate bus services. We provide solution that can streamline your operations and improve student safety on the road.
  • Smart Bee offers powerful value added tool for school supervisors and parents with boarding activities of their children using accurate real-time information.
  • With online Video and Audio Streaming Technology we empower you to monitor your fleet of buses.
  • We help you in complying with international standards of school Transport industry.
  • Our technology solutions help you keep control by tracking driving behaviors and minimize fleet abuse and consequent risks. With our solutions, keep fuel consumption and CO2 emissions under control.
  • We assist you with real-time remote tracking of your fleet and to decrease road side assistance and emergency response times.

Smart Bee solutions help you optimize your bus routes as well as boost fleet efficiency with robust solution for bus scheduling and route optimization.

Smart Bee Location Solutions assists schools and school transportation service providers in improving safety of students using their transport service by making available high-tech fleet management solutions customized specifically to meet every requirements of this sector. Smart Bee solutions utilize GPS, GSM, and RFID technologies for tracking pupils attendance on the bus, absence, pick up and drop times and locations, and to immediately notify driver and concerned parents in case a student is left behind at the conclusion of the trip. Furthermore, our solution empowers school bus operators to efficiently manage their bus routes, to fine-tune fleet utilization, and to lessen running costs. Most importantly, it helps in complying with latest regulations in school transport industry such as enforcing vehicle inspection before a trip.

Solution: School
  • GPS/GPRS Monitoring System
  • Reverse View System for Drivers
  • Monitoring Driver and Attendant Activity
  • Online Audio and Video Monitoring via MDVR/CCTV with storage capability
  • Student attendance and alert system (RFID-based) for school and parents
  • Monitoring Driver behavior such as over speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering, etc, including driver profiling
  • Monitor and receive alerts of bus ETA and status via Smart application (for schools and parents)
  • Route Monitoring, Route scheduling, including drop and pick up points management
  • Checklist of Vehicle Condition with reports on light check, tyre pressure check, empty bus verification
  • Timely updates for Vehicle service as well as maintenance alerts, also permits, stop sign, and registration alerts.
Solution: Industrial
  • Monitoring and Route Creation
  • Passenger Attendance and Identification
  • Bus Tracking on Map – Live, Standard, and History
  • Daily Expenses Details for Vehicle
  • Services and Fines Details for Vehicle
  • Lease/Rental Contract Management for Corporate Bus
  • SMS Alerts and Notifications Management
  • Invoicing and Multiple Voucher Creation
  • Accident Management for Vehicle