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iButton® – Intelligent Access Control


Smart Bee iButton® devices are small, manageable, robustly packaged modules. Each of these devices has a unique, globally distinct digital address. Equipped with superior wire communications protocol, these devices can send or record data, even in environments where other products fail to function properly.

With built in support for information based applications, the iButton device is aptly designed for objects or persons on the move, for asset tracking, and access control. Attached to a ring, key chain, or wristwatch, an iButton device allows an authorized personnel access to building, a vehicle, a computer, or a machine. Once affixed to a work tote, it can evaluate processes to bring about better efficiency in areas of manufacturing, maintenance, and delivery. Electronic cash can be stored on some of the iButton devices to facilitate small electronic transactions with vending machines, transit systems, and parking meters. When used as an electronic asset tag, the iButton device can store information useful in tracking of expensive capital equipment.

Smart iButton Applications

Asset Management – Identification of assets is made simple and secure with iButton® devices. An impossible to duplicate, electronic serial number based on a unique 64-bit address is embedded in each iButton device. Thanks to onboard 32kB memory, each asset has its own personalized database that allows unique information storage for each asset, together with inventory management information and maintenance records that are permanently linked with each asset.

Electronic Access Control – You can deploy highly secure access tokens using iButton® devices. You can pick from key-ring formats & protocols that suit your needs.

Guard Tour – The iButton® device plays an important role in a highly functional robust guard tour system. Security officer on patrol duty can use a portable, handheld iButton reader. The reader immediately records the place, time and date of the patrol by simply pressing the reader to an iButton patrol checkpoint.

Driver Identification – Especially useful in cases where multiple drivers use a single vehicle and it’s mandatory to abide with working hours. The iButton is a small, keychain-sized device from Smart Bee which makes your tasks effortless and simple. The iButton, when attached to a reader, authorizes access to identify the driver and start the engine.