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Diesel Theft & Monitoring Solutions


Smart Bee’s excellent solutions cater to an array of industries such as shipping, logistics, and construction industry. Hiring security guards to guard your trucks often proves expensive and often proves not-so-practical. Our perfectly designed tracking and monitoring solutions resolve this issue meticulously.

Free your company from spending on costly anti-siphon devices, locking gas caps, reinforcing tank covers or parking the trucks in well-lit paid parking lots. Smart Bee has the perfect solution to effectively counter this emerging practice of diesel theft.


Here are some of the robust features of Smart Bee’s Diesel Theft and Monitoring Solution:

  • Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking – Live!
  • State-of-the-art Diesel Consumption and Theft Monitoring
  • Geofences (Rectangular, Circular, Polygonal) with Alerts
  • Vehicle Rapid Acceleration, Over-speeding, Harsh Braking
  • Identification of Vehicle Status (Stopped, Idling, Running)
  • Module for Viewership Access
  • Reports Scheduling and Instant Alerts
  • Logs for Trips and Stops
  • Reporting and Logging of CANBus / FMS Data