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Beacon – Proximity Technologies


Beacons are basically tiny, minimal-power consuming computers affixed to objects or walls. They spot human presence and activities by utilizing proximity technologies. Subsequently, they set off pre-programmed procedures to deliver appropriate and customized experiences.

How do Beacons work?

Equipped with a Bluetooth® Low Energy transmitter, each beacon transmits minute radio signals that possess unique, location-specific data.

Smart phones continuously check for these signals. On visiting a certain range a related App acts in response with the appropriate action. For instance, these smart Apps can retrieve content with a user’s profile or micro-location. Apps can also transmit user data or statistics to the cloud.

Personalized content shows up as a notification or displays directly in the app. Screens in close proximity can also respond with related information.

Why Smart Apps?

A multitude of applications exist across all verticals. The finest ones always deliver great user experiences. These Apps have a simplified and user friendly interface, send messages with precision and efficiency, or simply smoothen functions by automatically triggering events based on presence and behavior of individuals.