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Waste Management Solutions


Swelling populations and dwindling resources have made waste management a vital concern for Private Companies, Governments, and Municipalities.

Smart Bee helps you optimize your fleet usage and to make the task of waste collection smarter and more proficient. With our solutions you can lessen burdens associated with dispatching. Let’s your fleet easily cover areas where the garbage bins are located, and also easily determine when you need to add to your fleet or even decrease it.

  • Live! Vehicle / Assets Monitoring and Tracking
  • Number of visits / Garbage Bin Activity
  • Complete Utilization Report (Hour Meter, Idling, Operating within or outside Working Hours, Miles Driven)
  • Mobile Assets related Logs of Trips and Stops
  • Machine-Operator / Driver Identification
  • Monitoring of Diesel Consumption and Diesel Theft
  • Vehicle Rapid Acceleration, Over-speeding, Harsh Braking
  • Allocation of Assets consistent with Projects or Groups
  • Instant Alerts and Scheduled Reports
  • Logging and Reporting of CANBus and FMS Data
  • Made To Order Solutions and Customization