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Remote Monitoring of Your Assets


Smart Bee Solutions cater a vast array of industries, including but not limited to Construction Industry, Contracting, Lease of Generators and Heavy Equipment Rental.

  • Smart Bee technology helps you in remote monitoring and keeping track of your assets and to also get up to date information of their geographical locations.
  • We provide efficient solutions for workshop managers to help keep tabs on project expenditures or excess booking of equipment and to monitor whether your equipment is perfectly utilized or not.
  • Know when a team misplaces or leaves behind equipment at a site or when any theft of Equipment or Generator takes place.
  • For heavy equipment leasing businesses we offer solutions for cases where there is a lack of actionable and accurate data by helping you implement effective detention billing.
  • We help you track suspected diesel thefts and increased diesel consumption.
  • With our solutions you can log working hours of your drivers/operators to enforce better control.

Smart Bee Location Solutions is an efficient working solution for construction, equipment rental, and contracting companies to efficiently manage their assets. Our superb combination of hi-tech GPS technology with detailed knowledge of plant hire industry empowers asset owners to cut running costs, handle asset depreciation values expertly, and to remotely scrutinize important information such as Diesel Consumption, Utilization Rate, Movement, Location, and more. We have the best solutions for all assets, fixed or mobile, self-powered or not. Our solutions are well worked out to fit all types of vehicles and equipment and to meet a string of market requirements.

  • Mobile and Fixed Assets Tracking and Monitoring in Real Time
  • Vehicle Harsh Acceleration, Over Speeding, Harsh Braking . . .
  • Exhaustive Utilization Report (Miles Driven, Idling, Vehicles Operating Within or Breaching Working Hours Policy, HourMeter)
  • Mobile Assets Trips and Stops Logs
  • Vehicle related Driver Behavior (Skills & Risks)
  • Diesel Theft and Diesel Consumption Monitoring
  • Driver Identification / Machine-Operator Identification
  • Systematically Arrange Assets according to Projects or Groups
  • Instant Alerts and Scheduled Reports
  • Logging and Reporting for FMS and CANBus Data
  • Bespoke Solutions and Customization