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Mobile Digital Video Recorder – Live Video Streaming For Vehicles


Professional rental companies possess cars, trucks and vans that are essential to their business. Transport fleet managers have to look after proper maintenance and operating safety of vehicles. Using Smart Bee’s vehicle live video streaming and mobile digital video recorders you can boost your operational efficiency by monitoring performances of each driver and vehicles. At the same time, data and footage can be used to implement best practice rules, risk score employees and identify areas that need improvement.

Smart Bee’s cost effective solution, the mobile DVR (MDVR), is a multi-functional recording device that enables transmission of live streaming video, GPS, tracking, as well as asset or vehicle data.

  • Crucial Transportation Video Recording and Transmitting for Security & Safety Applications
  • Video Footage from Front, Side & Rear by Connecting up to 4 (MDVR4) And 8 (MDVR8) Cameras
  • Live Tracking with Real Time GPS
  • Audio Record and Transmit
  • Web Based Mapping & Management Tool
  • Lessen Vehicle Abuse & Mileage
  • Transmit Engine Data
  • Staff & Assets – Inefficiency Reports
  • Staff & Assets Safeguarding
  • Minimize Insurance Premiums
Key Features
  • Easily Maintainable Modular Design
  • Synchronous Real-Time Recording and Playback for Video & Audio
  • Choose from 4 or 8 Video Channel Models
  • 360 Degree Installation using Revolutionary Anti-Vibration Technology
  • Mirror Recording using up to 2.5” 2 TB Hard Disk and SD Card
  • Wireless Transmission & Local Recording with Dual Streams
  • Location Tracking using Internal GPS, Live View & Management using 3G/4G (Optional)
  • Auto Downloading supported by Internal Wi-Fi 802.11n (Optional)
  • Monitor Harsh Braking, Accelerating and Crashes with Built-in G-Sensor
  • Audio Streaming Enable on All Channels
  • Inertia Sensor is Built-in
  • GPS Module Built-in
  • Power Cameras and Small LCD Screen/s with 12 V Power Output (Max 3A)
  • Data Mirroring & Backup Recording using SD Card (32 GB SDHC Card Included)
  • 2.5 Inch HDD (Removable – With Support for 1TB Max). In-Built Professional Hard Disk Damping Technology
  • Powerful 3G Communication for Tracking Assets / Vehicles and Sreening of Video and Other Data
  • Supports 1 Channel 720P IPC (PON) + 4 Channels AHD
  • Automatically Download Wi-Fi Data to your Server when in Range Or Data Download using USB 2.0
  • Fully Compatible for RCA Type Connector Cameras
  • 2 Digital Level Outputs, 8 Digital Alarm Inputs
  • Cars (Taxis, Transport Companies, Private Chauffeurs)
  • Buses (Public Transport, Staff Transports, Schools)
  • Vans (Couriers, Deliveries)
  • Special Vehicles (Cash Transfer Cars, Police, Ambulances)
  • Heavy Vehicles (Bull Dozers, Cranes, Forklifts)
  • Trucks (Logistics)
  • Lifts & ATMs
  • Trains (Metros, Trams)
  • Ships (Yachts, Liners, Vessels, Ferries)