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Laser Scanner Technology – LiDAR


Smart Bee Technologies is a representative of Teledyne Optech which is the world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced LiDAR and Camera Survey Instruments for Airborne, Mobile and Terrestrial Mapping.

Extensively recognized for technological prowess in LiDAR and associated technologies, our products carry decades of know-how in LiDAR and photogrammetry, and auxiliary technologies including GPS, Waveform Digitization and Inertial Measurement Systems.

Smart Bee Technologies deliver complete solutions for fully integrated and standalone LiDAR & Camera requirements in Mobile Mapping, Airborne Mapping, Airborne Bathymetry, Terrestrial/Static Laser Scanning, Industrial Process Control, and Mine Cavity Monitoring.

Inclusive of automated post-processing, extensive survey planning, and operation software, Optech systems empowers clients to gather, organize and dispense survey data to customers promptly and profitably.